About Us

The Beginning:

Wildtree was founded in 2017 by Jacob Brown and Megan Brown. At that time, Jacob and Megan were graduating with their degrees after attending college together for several years. With the combination of Megan's art and graphic design expertise and Jacob's knowledge of business and love of photography, they created Wildtree. They had the unique idea of bringing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing camera straps to the world. Wildtree is still 100% family-owned and operated. We put countless hours into developing and designing our products because we want our customers to experience a high-quality product and appreciate the creative and artistic thought that goes into each one. 

What we do: 


We pride ourselves in offering one-of-a-kind camera straps inspired by the outdoors. We also offer other products such as stickers, patches, pins, lanyards and apparel. We hope to add more products in the next few years. 

Product Design: 

Megan is the backbone of our creative products. Every product from our Stickers to our Camera straps are 100% designed by Megan.


All our products with the exception of our highly requested apparel items are shipped by us. We want to maintain a family-oriented business that we hope is felt and valued by our customers. We can ensure complete and accurate orders that are shipped out and delivered fast by shipping in-house. For Apparel items we have teamed up with Printful and closely monitor shipping times and quality. 

What to expect from us:

We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and experience. We personally answer messages from our website, email, and social media accounts. 


Wildtree is located in Saint George, Utah. We are just a short drive from so many beautiful places. On our days off we often take trips to Zion National Park. Southern Utah is a huge inspiration for many of our products.